Marble Chips: Garden- Rameshwaram Marble

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Garden Maintaining  Tips

Your property’s value is strongly influenced by how attractive and well-maintained your landscape is. While keeping your lawn trimmed and well-watered is important it won’t make your home or place of business stand apart from the crowd.

many property owners choose to use decorative stones, pebbles, chips, marble fountain as a means of adding visual interest and texture to their land.

These all are especially popular these days as they are very attractive and affordable.
Known for their  coloration and unique texture,even can enhance the look of any landscape.

Marble Chips:

Marble chips are especially popular as they are very attractive and affordable.
Known for their pearly white coloration and unique texture, marble chips can enhance the look of any landscape.

The ways in which you choose to use the chips around your property will influence how long your project will take and how much it will cost. To give you a better idea as to what to expect from landscaping with marble chips, we’ve put together this guide to help you plan from start to finish.

Paths & Walkways – Marble chips are relatively small in size which makes them easy to walk upon. As such, they work well in the creation of paths and walkways throughout your property. Some home and business owners also choose to use the stones to accent existing paths. A walkway that has been constructed of a series of detached stones, concrete, or bricks, for example, can be filled in and connected with marble chips.
Lawn Replacement – If you are looking for an alternative to a grass lawn you may want to give some consideration to filling in your property with marble chips. If you don’t want to replace the entire lawn, you can also fill in smaller patches of land, around trees or flower beds, or as a way to add interest to terraces.
Edging – As marble chips stand out to everyone that sees them, it is the perfect material to edge pathways, walkways or driveways. Lining a path, or encircling a large planter with these stones will highlight various feature of your landscape without overshadowing them or detracting from their beauty.
Gardening – Marble chips can also serve as an excellent mulch replacement as they provide texture and visual appeal to your flower beds. In addition to that they promote healthy soil and adequate drainage without attracting insects and other pests.
Water Features – If your property features a fountain, pond, or stream, you may find that these small, white marble stones look beautiful both in and around the water.
Marble Chips Pricing
Assessing how much your project will cost is impacted by both the size of your project.

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