Kitchen Floorig

Marble For Kitchen Platform

Kitchen a very important and most used place of your house, so you should be very careful when you are selecting floor for your kitchen place. Sometime you can conclude that your house marble is on one side and kitchen on rest.
Just few days earlier received an inquiry from my client for kitchen flooring. I was like yes we have all materiel white , black green, granite and get a sudden reply,” He was very specific that whatever material he’s comfortable with but its not white.”

As the time i entered in this field, i never received such answer.No white !
White which is always on first preference either its Indian one like morawd, makrana, nijaran, Talai etc. or Imported one like Australian, Italian, Vietnam. All the time first they start with white, and if like some other color or need, application, then go for other. But with first initial No white.

But yes its first concern and good point even.

White look beautiful but, not good if you hoping it for your kitchen. Because in usual days we use it many time with so many food ingredient , and you really cant control over working procedure.
So soon it get pale, and you never like a yellowish or pale place to work as kitchen place.

Other color will resist far better way all spot and fluid , so even i also agree with No White option.
So after that conversation , we stop at Pink Granite(Chima) to go for kitchen place with better buyer satisfaction.

Yes, so next time whenever i interact with any person, will focus first, that no white.
Accept White you have so many choices like


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