Garden With Beautiful Stone Design

Smart Decoration For Home

Home Decoration With Beautiful Glossy Stones

We always have so many ideas to decor or create home style in new way, but we actually start to so it , just hang our mind, similar as our android cell phone. We have time, have thought , want to do still confuse. Why so?

Its because when we have ideas, not have thing and when have things , just mess up with them.So here with my experience provide proper details for product plus idea, so make your difficulty somewhere easier. As i dont know your exact place, so can’t make proper choice, but definitely provide some relief.

I designed my table with  carpenter help, by placing glass spacing on middle, to make some impressive change. On that im really not clear with my thought, that how i would use this space.
But one day after completion, come up on search for glossy stones.
On the same time i contact to seller, and he provide me so many tips, and that’s really good.

Provided my space details like size (dimension)
1. First they suggest me that , as its glass lid cover place, so glossy pebbles would be better.
2. Small space, so small size like 10-30mm max pebbles.
3. Can opt for single color like white or black
4. But best suitable colorful onyx pebbles and glass pebbles.
5. If want glowing with light then pebbles mix with Neon coated chips is final better option.

They have another suggestion also for decoration, Like:
1. Marble Pot or vase with floating candle decoration
2. Marble Pot with pebbles(Glass, onyx, marble)
4. Lantern with electricity
5. Marble Diyas
6. Marble night candle

So they provide full end solution,  when next  time you are hoping for any stone art decoration. just check this option.


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