Pebbles Bath Mat : Acupressure

We always have wish to enhance our leaving place with  unique product and pieces. But it always difficult to find such product in market or outside world. So why not go with your own unique thoughts.
Last night with lots of stone work , i find a good stone product and have thought to work on it. Stone and i are like brothers relation, so for me to arrange it and use it , is not pretty difficult task. Product is stone pebbles bath mat, looks easy but little bit work.

Product needed:  Plastic mat, Stones and Sealer( harden glu, specially for stone bonding)

You can opt for any stone, as in market available various range, white, colorful, granite etc. Choose
your unique design .

Stone Mat

To make a river stone mat first you have to gather or purchase river stones. After that take a plastic mat and arrange all the stones on it. Then stick all the stones one by one to the plastic mat by using silicone sealer. Let the sealer dry completely and voila!


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