Inlay Work

Marble Inlay Work

Rajasthan also known as the land of rajputs is noted across the globe for its arts , culture, place and forts.The marble Inlay work is highly preserved traditional art .The art work done on marble is carried out in two places in India , Rajasthan and Agra, where former is noted for its inlay work table tops, wall, flooring.
This Art involves very minute and precise inlay work and is quite expensive and very graceful with intricate labor.It is a closely protected traditional art . The delicate process involves cutting and engraving marble shapes manually. To start with, a predefined pattern e.g., floral design or geometrical design is engraved on the marble slab. Small pieces of marble of different shades are cut delicately to fit in these grooves precisely. These small pieces are then slipped in the grooves. Apart from marble, many other materials can also be used.

Process of Inlay Art:

We mostly use two types of bases, White Marble and Black Stone . We can also use other colored bases such as Green Marble, as per buyer requirement. Inlay on White Marble gives a Royal touch where as Black Stone gives a very attractive look.

Inlay natural stones:
A design, be it a floral or geometrical motif is cut out on a brass sheet. This is then placed on marble, drawn and then the marble is carved out. Slices of Colored stones, which have in the meantime been shaped and polished, are then laid into the marble with adhesive.

There are almost 30 types of color stones available. Sometimes a heat treatment is given to particular stone to get a shading effect .
When Inlay work has been completed and it has dried, the surface and edges are polished to give a shiny finish. The polish work is being done by stone bar so as to give a long lasting shine.

After the Table Tops being polished now they are ready for packing. We prepare wooden pallets (Keeping safety in mind). Table tops are being covered by thermacol sheets from all sides including corners also.

Marble Inlay Tea Coaster
The Art was rediscovered in udaipur, and instead of using only the gem stones. The inlay artists of udaipur used a vast variety of indian & imported marbles , semi – precious stones to create the motif.
Inlay Work

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