Pebbles Art – To Make Your Living Alive

Pebbles Art – To Make Your Living Alive

The use of rocks and pebbles to create works of art is not an entirely new concept but the way art is done has changed lot over the time.We can imagine that you must also be delighted to know that something here is organic , ubiquitous and as economical as rocks and pebbles can be used to create art.

Till now we only focus on big design specially at your outdoor place that is, garden , patio, pathway , backyard. But then we come to small solution for vases and pot, bowls. But not this you can use this very new way in artistic design.
In this post we focus on art, that can be just utilize or done on your special creation. We have ideas that can take your decor on new level with stones only, or you can utilize your old unused things also,
1. Art on walls for your drawing rooms and specially in new unique way for children.

2. Frames utilizing stones of different size

3. Same size by painting art or colors


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