Popularity Impact On Price Variation

Green Marble : Popularity Impact on Price Aspect
Popularity as a phenomenon is important not only in films or politics, but even in building materials specially for flooring stone. We get advertisement for what sells more, and what sells more dominates the market. Markets tend to keep greater stock of such popular items and manage to sell cheap because of sale volumes.
An alternative material, possibly equally good, would find it difficult to break into this circle, with lesser demand or low sale volumes; hence higher price or supply problems. Flooring has been a witness to such trends of domination, where a small number of options bag a large number of projects.
If we comapre it for udaipur marble industries higher demanding product, that is Green Marble.
RM Green Marble


Rameshwaram Marble
Green Marble is a wonderful marble having beautiful structures which allows user to use it in several forms such as counter tops, vanity tops, table top, wall cladding and many other ways. The Green Marble from Udaipur, Rajasthan is recognized for its natural beauty and strength. As mentioned earlier udaipur is home for green marble, so its beast place for green stone with varying price range.
So by being higher demanding and selling product its have price variation. But as compare to other stone , you will get this here at lowest possible range. So whenever next you visit udaipur- the city of lakes, do not forget to visit , marble industries . Marble industry dedicated to green stone specific . So you can judge every single point like why price is higher (for less popular) and price lower for ( higher in demand and most selling). You will have option for quality , price and sizing. But never forget to check priority point of quality.

Precaution to keep your floor clean

Never clean marble with store brought cleaning products since it contains acids, alkalis and chemicals that can damage the countertops and floors. This makes the marble more vulnerable to staining.
· Don’t use vinegar, lemon or ammonia for cleaning marble surfaces.
· If you have marble countertops in the kitchen, don’t sit on them as this can cause cracks.
· Never drag heavy furniture or sharp items on the floors since this can cause deep scratches or gouges. Even unprotected furniture legs leave scratches too. These scratches leave a permanent mark on the floor.
· Continuous use of water as the sole cleaning agent, not changing the cleaning solution and using dirty mops can make the marble look pale and unattractive.
· Sitting pots can cause scratches and deep stains on the floor so place all plants on a special base.
· Don’t use oil treated dust mops on marble surface. Run the dust mop in one direction instead of moving it back and forth.
· Blot the spills with a paper towel instead of wiping it because it will spread the spill.
· The cleaning mop head should be kept clean always.

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