Nature Replica : Water Fall, Miniature Garden & Painted Rock

Relaxing in backyard
or garden seeing waterfalls with streams and ponds in fragrance of  flower
gardens, tropical plants. Everybody dreams to have this all at own place. But
not possible for everyone to have such big place, nor they have enough time to go
out and enjoy nature creation. But we can recreate this natural beauty at our
own place. Below you’ll find ideas and inspiration to create your perfect
outdoor living space.
Water Splashes 
Water Features
In the image above river
stones border this backyard garden waterfall creating a peaceful environment to
enjoy.  Water flowing through multi-level flag stones into the pond
creates a calming, soft and gentle ambient sound.
The natural sound and sight
of water flowing is soothing and can transform your backyard in to a relaxing
oasis. Many backyard garden waterfalls are custom made from home and the
results are amazing. From dramatic waterfalls flowing in to a lagoon like pond
to soft trickling waterfalls next to a gazebo, only your creativity is the
limit to your design.
Miniature Garden
This is for someone who is
very creative in thought and passionate to do crazy but tiny task.if you don’t
have a lot of space. Also, finally something to do with your empty jars,
milk jugs, and other things destined for the trash.
If you are a lover of fairy
tales and of beautiful adventures, and if you love to dream of mystical
landscapes populated with fairies and fairy houses you have
found the right place. Story telling and imaginary fairy garden scenery
bring the playful kid out in all of us. Filled with intrigue and mystique each
little miniature garden scene you create is a snapshot of such
a dream. By taking up this form of gardening you transport yourself into
another world, and experience the enviable feeling of having your dreams come
Painted Rocks
are multitude of ways in which you can discover how to decorate your garden
with beautiful painted rocks. Because of this, it is a great notion to mark out
which rocks you want on a map so you can make certain their proper placement in
the garden. First you will require some canvas. It is also possible to purchase
rocks at the local stone center or you can get it online.

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