House Remodeling – Stone Almirah

Hello Friends,

Hope you all are doing well, great to meet you again and to share current update in remodeling work of my home. As of my last update, all basic building work is done in back part of my house. Now at this time some extra work is started .

I have completed my search for tiling and flooring, and yes stone door frame too. As last time problem , of termite, this time i have opted stone door frame rather then wooden one.

Rameshwram Marble, have own manufacturing facility for marble flooring and stone door frame work. Currently i have completed big order for stone door frame work.

I will share some picture of our available stock, and even place door frame picture.

I know i am making promotion here for my product, but as of my opinion you should also opt this stone frame over wooden one, as its best in many aspect . Termite is first one , but other profit also, there which you can check in last update.

My todays update is about wardrobe section, rather going for all wooden work, i prefer to use stone almirah pattern.

The use of modern wall wardrobe Almirah designs is one of the best ways of utilising space available in the home for noble activities. The wall wardrobe almirah helps in reducing congestion in the house as a result of adding another furniture or cabinet and instead using the available space to design a beautiful wardrobe. There are many fascinating designs that can be implemented for a more visually appealing design that does not only fill space but something artistically designed with sufficient space to store the necessary clothing and other items. Here are some of the modern wall wardrobe almirah designs  with my own selected deign that even you can make use of for that gorgeous designer wardrobe of your dreams.

The thing about almirahs is that they can be designed to be in many sizes and shapes. Plus you can add variations in terms of the material used, the color and the designs that you can have on them.  You can make them to be really robust and sturdy so that they can last long. Many of them are equipped with security devices like locks and digital locks to ensure extra protection. The inner or outer side of the door of the almirah can also have a mirror which adds yet another purpose to this piece of furniture. Due to the immense aesthetic value they add and the utility they have along with the reasonable prices and good quality, almirahs are quite popular.

Here are some of the advantages of having an almirah in your house:

Better arrangement of things:

Having a inbuilt wall cupboard would mean that all your belongings like clothes and other items will be kept in a manner which makes finding and using them easier. You can have customized cabinets for storing different things and this means your more formal clothing can easily be stowed away without their getting crumpled. With convenient spaces allocated for your inner wear, daily wear, casual wear and formal wear in a simple but clear way will cut down a lot of wasted time. You will also have easy and sure access to some document and valuables by building a hidden compartment in the almirah.

Clearing up space:

The main thing about wall cabinets is they are very good for conserving floor space. This becomes more important in today’s world as space is one thing that is really hard to come by. You will find that cupboards will really clear up actual space but also help make the room look neater by ensuring a place for all those things that may lie about scattered otherwise.  You can also train your kids at a very young age to keep their stuff away.

A better look: 

An almirah need not be drab or utilitarian in looks. You can enhance the look of it by having it designed in really appealing fashion. It is a fact that they possess an intrinsic old world kind of charm and you can enhance this by choosing appropriate material and getting some designs done on them. Ensure that the color and designs on your wall cabinets gel well with the general décor of the room.  If you feel that wooden almirahs are beyond your budget and need more upkeep, do go with plastic ones in colors that work. If you have the skill , time and inclination you may even paint the cabinet with some beautiful art. That way they will serve the double purpose of being decorative art and a very useful addition to your home.


House Remodeling -3

13 Jan 2018

Hello Friends

Hope you all are fine there, wishes you a very Happy Makar Sankranti . As its just one day to go.

As from last some post we are discussing about stages of my home renovation . This is  our fourth meeting . We have completed roofing stage of open 3ft backyard gallery. So now on the way, for plaster and further building block. But basic building block is ready. Now remaining work is under process.

Design shows its complete one package of  2BHK format . My main focus is for utility of every single corner ,in new  upcoming modernization pattern .

A design can flow down just a single side, or it may be a random pattern, or it may be precisely placed on each tread. Now when you have your design in place and have ordered all materials, can begin the building approach. Before handling the particular details such as appliances and cabinetry  will initially should deal with the structural design of the home plan itself.

You’re able to come across attractive designs that have a complete package as required. The attractive design also permits you to put the piece anywhere in your home. Such designs are excellent for people who seek solitude whilst working.

So in my design i have paid complete attention to every place bedroom, kitchen, sitting, bathroom, open area and more special my relaxing place my office room. As you can see i make big searching before comes to finalization of design. And yes the design is my own. Little bit like primary school art, but complete view of understating for me and worker at my place.

As we are working on plot , where we are leaving also, on top floor, so little bit clumsy when you have to face so much of disturbance in every aspect. So first we complete all work at ground floor then focus on top one. Every work like painting and wooden furnishing. So still long way to go.

Perhaps your home has a mixture of themes and you desire a simpler style for a smooth visual transition. Possessing together dream & virtual can create design which can be a little too loud.

But hope for everything good. Please stay tune with me.

And good suggestion are always welcome.


Doors and Stone Door Frames Marble Chokhat

10 Jan 2018
Hello Friends ,
House remodeling work is on the way, currently we are working on roofing of backside portion. so by hammering earlier some part of roof , new wire joining work is done .To make new complete roof for left 3ft area. Two square spaces were left open for top to down ventilation. so now with this work, our other main consulting point is for doors.

Before door, there is need of door frame. Earlier we faced problem of termite and door jam in wooden system. so now our main concentration to have stone door frame.

Marble Door Frame
Rameshwaram Marble

Door Frames are highly visible, hardworking parts in a home’s interior, they deserve thoughtful attention when it comes time to buy new ones. The right frames will stand up durably to daily usage, minimize sound transfer between rooms, and add character or style to the home’s overall interior design.

Door frames come in many different styles and configurations and are made from a variety of materials. The type of frame you choose for your home can dramatically affect your home interior’s privacy, noise control, and overall visual impression.

Doors  and door frames must be tough enough to withstand wind, rain, scorching sun, and would-be intruders, yet handsome enough to make a good first impression. Unfortunately, meeting those needs is a tall order for many doors. Most older ones are made of wood or wood veneer, both of which warp, crack, and delaminate after years of exposure to the elements. Metal doors don’t last forever, either–the surface on some older steel doors can peel. Marble or stone door frame, are current time demand, which stand durable with time
Whether that describes your front door or you just want to trade a solid door for one with glass panels that offer more light, you’ll find plenty of options available. There are new door frames that resist the elements better than earlier versions, as well as metal and fiberglass door  ones that look like wood, combined with this stone door frames, provide greater security and often cost less.

Detecting Damage
Sometimes replacing a door means simply exchanging one door, called a slab or blank, for another. But in some cases you’ll have to rip out and replace the old door framing, which includes the door jambs and threshold — especially if these wood members have begun to rot.

Even if the old door frame is fine, the wall studs it’s nailed to can bow and settle out of square. This makes it difficult to open and close the door. To make a new wood door fit an out-of-kilter frame, you’ll need to plane the top and bottom or even trim one of these edges so the door hangs correctly. This is only an option with a wood door; metal and fiberglass doors can’t be planed or cut.
Most new doors are prehung, which means the door hangs on hinges within a new frame (these systems also include some form of weatherstripping). Prehung doors are an ideal choice if the old frame is bad or if you’re removing the frame because you want to enlarge the opening.

If you’re replacing your old door with a prehung unit, first determine if you need a left- or right-hand door. Stand in the doorway and face outside. If the lockset is on your right, you have a right-hand door.

To choose the proper jamb size, measure the height and width of the existing door jamb between the inside edges of the casing. Add 1/2 inch to the frame height and 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch to the width . The width of the door is measured across its face. Most doors are sold as 3-0 (36 inches) or wider.
An alternative to replacing the entire frame is to use door-replacement kits, such as Replace Door Systems from Pease Industries. Here, the door is prehung in a small steel frame that attaches to the old one. Benefits include easy installation and the added security of the steel frame. However, these kits slightly reduce the original opening, they’re available in only a few sizes, and they can’t be installed over rotted jambs.

Door-to-Door Frame Shopping Tips
Going Online
Whether you buy at a store or online, you’ll save time by doing some research online and at least visiting a store to truly see what you’re buying. Manufacturer sites describe materials and offer catalogs, and can help you to find a local retailer. And even if you don’t see the exact product you want, a similar model can give you a good idea of construction and finish.

Energy Efficiency
Stone frame is suitable with every material door like; wooden, Steel, Fiberglass & glass.
Steel and fiberglass doors typically have more insulating value than wood doors. Models that are Energy Star-qualified must be independently tested and certified, and often boast tighter-fitting frames, energy-efficient cores, and, for models with glass, double- or triple-panel insulating glass to reduce heat transfer. You’ll find more details on the website. But you may not save as much as you think, since doors are a small part of the surface area of a house and typically don’t allow significant amounts of warm air to escape. What’s more, heat is generally lost through air leaks around the door, not through the door itself.

Doors & door frames are also known as door systems because they come pre-hung in a frame and are often pre-drilled for a knob and deadbolt. Unless a replacement door is part of a larger remodeling project, you may want the new door to be the same size as the old one. Choosing a larger door or adding sidelights means redoing the door framing around the door—a job best left to a contractor. Home centers generally offer installation or referral services. Unless you’re a skilled carpenter, you may also want to hire a pro to install same-size doors.

Keep Yourself and Your Family Safe
It takes a quality door lock to deter burglaries and home invasions. Many crooks kick in doors to get in. But unless your door is hollow, it’s not the door itself that lets burglars in. Our tests with a battering ram have shown little difference in strength among door materials. All eventually failed because the doorjamb split near the lock’s strike plate, though we also found that beefed-up locks and strike plates can greatly increase a door’s kick-in resistance.
Some other ways to strengthen an exterior door: Use a lock with a 1-inch-long deadbolt and a reinforced metal box strike. Use 3-inch-long mounting screws so they lodge in the framing beyond the door jamb. And don’t overlook the door that leads into your house from the garage.

We (Rameshwaram Marble)have own manufacturing facility for stone door frame. So i don’t think , that i have to make big search. But first time experience for using for own home. There are lost of features of stone frame,  its always good to prefer stone frames over wooden one.

Where I should use stone chokhat
• Doors
• Windows
• Ventilator frame

What is age of stone chokhat
• More than 100 year

Advantages of stone chokhat
• No affected by termite ( dimak ) and insects
• No effect of temperature, heat and Sun
• Durable excepted life 100 year
• No effect of water, moisture and rain
• No need of paint and polish
• New and attractive plain and grain look
• Also available in all finish of stone and even it could be painted.
• No maintain of stone door frames
• Cheap in price comparison to Iron & Wood
• Never twist and bend frame
• No problem of rusting in stone door frame.

So these are the good point, which you can keep in mind before use.
soon i’ll share picture of my own home with stone door frame.

Remodeling of House- 2

4th Jan 2018

Hello friends

Wish you a very happy and successful new year from Rameshwaram Marble.


Its good to see you again after long time of  17-20 days, stuck in planning for next stage of construction. So finally get time to writing about house remodeling stage. Almost all crackling – shackling complete now, its time to start construction again. after including free space in room development, there is almost enough space to make it properly.

First we are concentrating on two main room . One bigger is of size  15*14 and small one of 15*11ft. main supporting wall is of concrete mixture like dpc, and remaining  internal with brick support. We are attaching bathroom with both room and small left free opening.

Big room preparing with internal small wardrobe space  of around 5ft. My main focus to maximize space and utilizing small space as internal small room/wardrobe.

In every room of your house there is always a better way to maximize the space you are getting out of it. For some areas it may be as simple as decluttering, or throwing away unneeded items. Although, for rooms like the bedroom, where the most prominent piece of furniture is… bed! The bed is not always the easiest obstacle to work around, and therefore valuable space is wasted. Here we are focusing on three main point that are bathroom of 6ft then internal wardrobe of 5ft and let opening of 4ft inbetween, so easily space created with bed also.

1.) Remove large storage furniture: Armories and clothes dressers can use a lot of floor space. Opt for rolling under bed storage and side in wall space that can hold clothes and belongings. This will give your bedroom more space and visually will look more spacious. Once removed more natural light will pour into your space! even for in my case, wardrobe space is totally separated, so with bed there is lot more space.

2.) Reduce the size of your bed: Let’s face it, we would all love to have a California King sized bed, but do we actually NEED one? You can answer that question yourself; you may be willing to reduce the size if you knew how much space you would free up.

So base planning in on rolling, and remaining all finishing would be on last stage. So now with this ongoing working we are searching for door frame, as last time door frame is of wood, but now as i am itself a marble manufacturer so full focus on stone utilizing in this place.

Yes we are making marble door frame, so with our next meeting i would share our product details and even pictures and all availability case. So please keep with us in journey of house remodeling.

If you have any idea or inquiry please share with us on rameshwarammarble

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Remodeling Of House

15 Dec 2017

“Its never let to start thinking about your own improvement or learning” we always heard this line. But what if we are talking about are dream home plan.

Yes! its my home , and now i have plan to remodel it. Little bit dream execution but on higher side of amending things,bulky thing, things to which i give my time, and created memories of about 20 years something. But as my main motivating point, ” its never to late”.

I am an Marble and handicraft manufacturer and supplier .I have completed so many project of home improvement and landscaping design. So at this time , even i have plan to change look of my own home .

Im leaving in two story building of plot size 25*40ft . On the base place have three rooms and one kitchen , let bath and one big hole area. Even have one backyard long gallery of 25*3ft, which have no use now .

So with so much wasted space, try to convert this into individual flat system with separate kitchen & let bath facility. With one office room for myself in updated modern design.

On first floor have one complete flat of two bedroom, kitchen , Open balcony , One big hole and One let bath, so would like to shift my kitchen and to have small drawing room also.

And last but very important , to create a study room for myself , where  i can myself indulge in doing study, writing and specially feeling dreams live.

So ,Yes! process stared .

On base floor worker start to brake and clearing gallery . To creating space of about 2ft depth so , first three major pillars can be made, on which major plot would created.

Whole day there is so much noise and head striking disturbance, its difficult to make house , but difficulties increase  when, you have to remodel it. Yes i am in that stage, hopefully i can make it as perfect as i want it to be.

Its first day , but lot more updates comes with it, and i would upload pictures also.

so just stay here , to view my all update.

Why Choose White Marble Material

Why Choose White Marble Material

There is no doubt that white marble tile is a great material for various surfaces in the home. May it be countertops or floors, white marble will definitely stand out and look good.  In fact, a lot of people use white marble for their homes with the goal of beauty and elegance in mind.

But more than its beauty, another good thing about the material is that they are a practical choice as well. White marble tiles are strong and durable. If you take care of it well, this material can last for years. In fact, some of our counter tops at home are made of white marble tile. They have been with us for quite some time already, but they are just as useful and good looking as new.

White Tiles

But then again, in order for you to be able to enjoy the full benefits of using white marble for various surfaces in your home, it is a must to choose the best materials. This is true whether you need a white marble floor tile or white marble for a countertop. To help you in making a choice, here are some tips.

One of the first things you ought to do is test the quality of the marble. Never settle for the mediocre. The truth is, white marble is quite costly. Hence, it is a must that you make the right choice and investment. Here are some ways to accomplish this.

This material is easily available online. There are even a lot of options there to choose from. Whether you want Those white marble tile or some other white marble material, it is best if you do a personal inspection before you make a purchase.

Once you are at the store, look at the back side of the marble. There should be no cover in the clean and neat surface. If there is, then those tiles can be made of the weaker stones. They will not last long enough in your home.

In fact, this is one of the mistakes of a friend of mine who recently bought white marble. For one, she did not buy in her trusted local store because stock ran out. Then when she bought in another store, she did not make any inspection. And now, she is regretting her decision.

Another thing you should do is test if the tiles have any small patches. Do a close inspection under a light. If there are patches, then that can be a bad sign. The fact is, the holes of white marble should never be filled. But still, some suppliers do in order to come up with a polished effect.

Stay away from these materials because they are guaranteed to be of low quality. High quality marble has holes and pores so that wind can pass through them for proper ventilation. I actually learned this from a friend who recently bought a black and white marble tile.

Temple For Home

A Hindu temple or mandir is a structure designed to bring human beings and gods together, using symbolism to express the ideas and beliefs of Hinduism.The symbolism and structure of a Hindu temple are rooted in Vedic traditions.


The layout, the motifs, the plan and the building process recite ancient rituals, geometric symbolisms, and reflect beliefs and values innate within various schools of Hinduism. A Hindu temple is a spiritual destination for many Hindus, as well as landmarks around which ancient arts, community celebrations and economy have flourished.

Hindu temples come in many styles, are situated in diverse locations, deploy different construction methods and are adapted to different deities and regional beliefs, yet almost all of them share certain core ideas, symbolism and themes.

Wooden Temple

Mandir is the king of all Vastu rules — place it in the North-East and everything will start falling in place. Also, face the East while praying.


While making a separate pooja room is not  feasible for every house, we can devote a corner or space to place our holy deities. Here are some humble and simple pooja room/ pooja mandir designs that will help you out in creating that holy place in your home.

Inside Place

The corner of the room has been beautifully turned into a sacred pooja mandir. The  gorgeous white  marble pooja ghar with intricate design makes a perfect place for  deities. The sanctity is preserved by using pure white flooring. Though small, the privacy of the individual is honoured by having shaded glass doors.

This pooja cabin done in contemporary design is yet another guide for someone who is looking for a small yet modern pooja room decor. The narrow space has been utilised to its best by converting it into a place to seat the idols. The dark brown and white decor gives a neat look to the space devoted for pooja. Cupboards built below gives storage space to store the pooja essentials.

Temple With Below Shelves 

There is another option availble for  someone who is looking for a small yet modern hanging pooja room decor. The narrow space has been utilised to its best by converting it into a wall hanging without disturbance . The multicolor and silver look to the space devoted for pooja. Cupboards built below gives storage space to store the pooja essentials.

Rameshwaram Marble